What Two Can Do: Building Little Helpers

I’ll never forget that first day Adeline toddled past me with a small frying pan clutched in her chubby hands and put it in the cabinet without a hitch. I’ll never forget the response my husband gave me when I called him to come and watch our (then) 18-month-old return to the dishwasher for another […]

Sacrificing A Clean Kitchen Floor

It was a lovely morning. Winter sunshine spilled through windows, warming corners cold from many dark days. We all had an odd sort of energy that made us crave a break away from routine, just as the clouds seemed to be doing. Adam suggested we make scones and have ourselves something of a “Second Breakfast […]

Words Paint Pictures

It’s a phrase shabby with use. “A picture paints a thousand words.” And it is certainly true of some photographs, although I’d argue there are some (in the photo-heavy world of social media) that only paint about 100. But what about words themselves? Do they paint anything? And if so, are we too busy trying […]

2017: Additions to Our Gallery of Broken Things

It was a little over a year ago that I wrote the story of the broken egg. (Which you may want to read if you want to understand the context for part two.) A little over a year and a half ago that the story started, and so did the pictures. It’s interesting to look […]

Mudroom Makeover

Hello friends, I’m back to blogging! Our summer was busy and fulfilling with many projects to check off our ever-growing list and lots of time spent playing with the sweetest bunch of children we know. The first project I’d like to share with you is one that has been mostly complete for quite a few […]

Homegrown Roses & Great Grandpa’s Music | LittleLoves

Between vacation, home improvement projects, a house flip project, and an even bigger project (that you will just have to patiently wait to hear about) I’m afraid blogging has slipped to a non-priority. I look forward to a day when writing is not one of the fist things that must be set aside during a […]

Plots Twists, Two Months, and a Birthday | #LittleLoves

Hot tea, spring rain, and a soft blanket are my companions as the little ones nap and I reflect. What fun our days and weeks are becoming as my children begin to take on personalities of their own. Our walls must be soaked with giggles! Read I really enjoyed this post from the blog Under the […]

Running Auntie, Grandma’s Jewelry, and Our Baby Barista | #LittleLoves

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a mommy blogger with four children must be in want of some quiet. Doesn’t the quote go something like that? Alright, all jokes aside, I really did slack on my review of last week’s little loves. I wasn’t planning on playing catch up, but I decided that for consistency sake, […]

Frilly Dresses and an Engagement | #LittleLoves

There have been so many sweet little things to love the past two weeks, so here’s another go at #LittleLoves with Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat. Read For those of you wondering I have yet to finish “Mansfield Park.” (Where once I would devour a book in a day, it now often takes me weeks – sometimes […]

The Joy in Taking Five

We were sitting on the floor of her bedroom, my little helper and I. She piled all of Judah’s clothes in another basket as I quickly folded the girl’s clothes and stuffed three separate drawers full of them. We were moving in something of a rhythm. With the drawers – *open, shut, open, shut.* And […]