Delighting in the Little Loves

While looking to other bloggers for inspiration and encouragement in my own online venture I stumbled across a blog by a woman from the UK who puts a weekly focus on delighting in the lovely little things in her life. Her idea is to highlight the small things she loved that week from what she’s read, watched, heard, made, and wore. I thought this would be a splendid way to remind myself of even the littlest blessings in my life. Without further hesitation or explanation I give you..

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Feel free to check out her darling blog when you have the chance!


As I am – once again – a breastfeeding mom I have returned to a pattern of reading at least several times a day. I used to be an avid reader, so finally feeling that I have the freedom to pick up a novel again has been something akin to coming home from a long trip and finding the candles already glowing. This week’s novel of choice is “Mansfield Park.” Although I consider myself to be quite an Austen fan this storyline is completely new to me. I am not through the book yet, so I will refrain from giving any sort of review; however, I will say that I am quite enjoying it so far. Fanny Price’s emotional process reminds me a lot of my own, so she is definitely a character I feel I can relate to.

I value reading as a very precious gift and have the strong desire to pass that gift on to my children, but because we are a busy bunch I was doing a poor job of finding times to sit and read to them. Harkening back to my own childhood I followed my mom’s example of reading during the lunch hour. We now read one Bible story from The Jesus Storybook Bible and two pages of nursery rhymes from an old book great grandma Barbara gifted us. (Thanks, grandma!)


With all these darling littles to attend to I had told myself to be quite content to wait for the new “Beauty and the Beast” movie to come out on DVD. But being the charming romantic that he is, my husband made it a point to take me to see it in theaters. And being a staunch advocate for husbands and wives going on dates, my little sister came and manned the fort during nap time so we could make it to a matinee. (Thanks, Noelle!) Unlike many of my generation, I did not grow up in a Disney obsessed household. I did not even see the animated “Beauty and the Beast” until I was twelve years old, but the first time I did I absolutely fell in love with the character of Belle. And I was certainly not disappointed by the live version of her. Emma Watson’s portrayal was inspiring. I left the theatre with that little whisper in my ear that only a very well-made movie chases after me. A whisper that seems to say “magic must be real.”


I often listen to an audiobook while the children are napping and I’m doing dishes or laundry or one of the other mundane tasks that keeps the household running smoothly. I recently finished “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott, which is a favorite of mine. So this week I decided to start “Little Men” by the same author. It’s funny, but I don’t believe I’ve ever read it. I think I felt inspired to take a listen because our home now has a little boy in it; and being a sister to all girls and previously a mother to all girls, I’m not entirely sure I’ll know what to do with the little lad. I’m only part way into the audiobook, but I know I’m going to adore it. How fun it will be to read both “Little Women” and “Little Men” to my precious brood someday!


At the beginning of the week my aspirations in this category were glorious indeed! I had visions of uploading “Pinterest Perfect” photographs of a neatly finished DIY project. Instead, I will upload a picture of coffee. Oh wait, I drank it all before I took the picture. Whoops! This week I made copious amounts of coffee. And I loved every cup! It’s the little things, right?


This week I would like to highlight my darling Amariah’s Tuesday outfit. Complete with white and black polkadot romper from my own babyhood, a jean jacket with shoulders that scream “80s!,” and a scarf my sister brought home from Indonesia for me. This wee one is dripping with fashion!…or something like that.

And Lastly

Judah is one month old today! He’s grown out of most of his newborn clothes and is becoming more and more alert every day. Our three girlies love him so much already. Adeline is often the first to hear him crying and asks to be involved in everything from burping to diaper changes. And while the twins still lack an understanding of who this new little man is, they squeal with delight when I bring him in the room and clamor to stroke the brown-haired head of baby brother. We love our darling boy!

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  1. G Grandma Barbara says: Reply

    I love this, Hayley! You are such an interesting, talented writer and especially write about my favorite subjects… your family! Our wonderful little great grandbabies are so blessed to have a mommy and daddy like you two. It is hard to be humble when I am so proud of both of you! Your father-in-law will especially understand that last statement. Lol 💖💖💕💕

    1. We love you, Grandma! Glad you are ours.

  2. Letha Grapenthin says: Reply

    This is so beautiful. You must capture all of this in hand written journals. A set for each one of your children. Easy task…lol

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