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Between vacation, home improvement projects, a house flip project, and an even bigger project (that you will just have to patiently wait to hear about) I’m afraid blogging has slipped to a non-priority. I look forward to a day when writing is not one of the fist things that must be set aside during a busy month, but for now I will appreciate the moments I am able to type away a sleepy afternoon. I have a few other posts in the works that I look forward to finishing and sharing with you soon, but for now I thought I would slip in a quick post about the things we’ve loved this week (and maybe the past few weeks as well).


While on vacation (with only Adam and Judah) I had more time than I’ve had in a long time to read. I brought as many books as I could fit into my book bag, but after starting “Honey for a Child’s Heart” I didn’t have much motivation to switch to another. Friends, this book is incredible! I thought I was just going to use it for the book list, but I found myself delighted in the author’s opinion of the importance of reading well-written books. Here’s just the smallest taste from Gladys Hunt on “What Good Books Do”:

“What is unfamiliar becomes close and real in books. What is ridiculous helps children see the humor in their own lives. Sympathetic understanding is a generous byproduct of sharing the emotions of stories and standing in someone else’s shoes.  Books are no substitute for life, but a keener pleasure comes to life because of books.”I plan to do a more in-depth post on the topic of children’s books once I have finished reading this book. Gladys Hunt has so many wisdom gems gleaming at the surface of every page. I can’t wait to discuss it on a deeper lever!


Adam and I are still watching through a documentary on the Civil War on Netflix. It’s long, but has definitely kept our interest. What intrigues me most about it are the real life accounts given through diary pages and letters. People of that time were so well spoken. The descriptions given are both stunning and horrifying. One has only to read a soldier’s accounts of a battle or of a woman’s description of her destroyed city to have a vivid picture in their mind of what it looked like.


It is the season of iced coffee! And we have been using our espresso machine to make many a delicious cup. I have also begun putting together bouquets of roses fresh from right outside my back door. These are simple, yet delightful pleasures that help encompass the feeling of summer for me. What sweet gifts God gives us!


On the occasion of him turning three months old, our little lad has worn his 3 month sticker! And yes, I did take this photo a few weeks ago on the correct date, but as I have not blogged in a while I thought I would share it this week. I didn’t think you’d mind; look at that precious face!


Adam and I have often discussed the hope that our home will be – what we like to call – “a home of music.” Although Adam and I have started some lessons, the busyness of the past few months has kept our piano much quieter than I’d like. To my delight, my husband’s grandpa sent us a CD of hymns he had recorded on his keyboard. It is a pleasure for me to listen to, but even more so to share with the children. Their great grandparents may live far away, but this precious music brings them often to our thoughts and prayers. And even now our house begins to turn into “a home of music.”

And Lastly

Although it is nearly a week past Father’s Day, I so dearly want to honor my husband for being an incredible dad. There are many people who cause our children to perk up excitedly when their voices are heard coming through the door, but none cause such a delighted reaction as their own daddy. Through careful study of the Bible, gentle discipline, and lots of playing and laughter Adam clearly takes his role in his children’s lives both seriously and joyfully. I am proud of the man he is. I am honored to be a mother alongside this father.

I hope your week has been as full of sweet gifts as ours has been. Just this morning Adam said, “Think of all the wonderful moments you are going to have today.” Isn’t that such a splendid way to start the day? I thought so. Have a blessed weekend, my friend.



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  1. I don’t like coffee, but your iced coffee looks yum! Definitely a nice cooler for hot weather! Lovely round up of #littleloves Have a wonderful week ahead x

  2. Love the idea of being a ‘home of music’, we have a very similar sentiment for our home. There’s always music playing and now we have an extra room it will soon be an office space and a music room.
    Have a wonderful week xx

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