Mudroom Makeover

Hello friends, I’m back to blogging! Our summer was busy and fulfilling with many projects to check off our ever-growing list and lots of time spent playing with the sweetest bunch of children we know. The first project I’d like to share with you is one that has been mostly complete for quite a few months, but was missing just enough details for me to hold off on sharing. Here it is, our cheerful new mudroom!


There isn’t much I can say about the “before” mudroom that isn’t already said in this picture. Here’s my best description: A dull little room known for collecting many of the things going out or coming in, but never inviting to the people walking through it.

The after? Let’s just say that a lot more people stop off in this little room than they used to.


Here’s another “before and after” from the other angle. I just love these comparisons!


And a few more of the completed project…


Leave a comment and let me know what you think! I’d also love to hear about the home improvements you accomplished this summer.

And just one more thing before I go! I finally got Instagram to accompany the blog and would love to have you follow me there. You can find me @ourlittlehouseofdreams or under the name Hayley Grapenthin. Thank you!


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