What Two Can Do: Building Little Helpers

I’ll never forget that first day Adeline toddled past me with a small frying pan clutched in her chubby hands and put it in the cabinet without a hitch. I’ll never forget the response my husband gave me when I called him to come and watch our (then) 18-month-old return to the dishwasher for another […]

Sacrificing A Clean Kitchen Floor

It was a lovely morning. Winter sunshine spilled through windows, warming corners cold from many dark days. We all had an odd sort of energy that made us crave a break away from routine, just as the clouds seemed to be doing. Adam suggested we make scones and have ourselves something of a “Second Breakfast […]

Words Paint Pictures

It’s a phrase shabby with use. “A picture paints a thousand words.” And it is certainly true of some photographs, although I’d argue there are some (in the photo-heavy world of social media) that only paint about 100. But what about words themselves? Do they paint anything? And if so, are we too busy trying […]