Snapshots of Autumn

Jack Frost has been here many nights in a row, tricking our sleepy morning eyes into thinking we see snow on the lawn and trees. While the outdoors grow colder, we find the inside of our home growing warmer with twinkling lights, flickering candles, and glowing hearth. Perhaps the loveliest aspects of winter is that it sets the perfect scene for us to be cozy, but I tend to feel that the invitation to coziness comes with Autumn.

The air grows crisp while sunlight glints through stain glass branches, and though we must don jackets and boots to combat the chill, we are still inclined to romp outdoors. We play long and hard, dashing at piles of leaves and foraging through them for mushrooms to delight over. Then, after gulping in cold air for several hours we drag our weary bodies into the house in search of a big bowls of steaming soup. And there it is, the cold to warm. The invitation to be cozy.

The Autumn of 2018 presented many precious firsts for our family and, before I begin sharing some of our exciting Winter happenings, I want to share some favorite photos of the Autumn season here.


To begin, we visited the Pumpkin Patch almost as soon as it opened.



We raked and jumped into more leaf piles than I think I did throughout the whole of my childhood.


It was simple, but one of my favorite things was going for a long Autumn nature walk.


We also baked a pie from scratch. (As in we actually used a pumpkin that we got from the patch, as opposed to pumpkin puree from a can.) It was enjoyable and not in the least bit difficult, but with so many little helpers, it ended up being a several day process before we actually served up pie with dinner.


The children experienced s’mores for the first time over our first fire of the season. It was utterly enchanting.



With halloween came a visit from beloved great grandparents.


Of course I had high ideals of what my wax dipped leaf garland would look like. Unfortunately we only got as far as dipping the leaves this year. They were indeed lovely and I’m inspired to try again next year.


We hope your Autumntime was as full of delight as ours.







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