About Me

Hello, I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! My name is Hayley and these are my treasures.

I am wife to a man in that unusual breed of people who make dreams come true. I am mother to four in 2.5 years. I am homemaker of a lovely, dreamy old house built in 1921. I am a lover of words, beauty, and things that make me feel cozy. I am an incredible daydreamer. (Seriously, if you’re looking for a professional, I am at your service.) And, most importantly, I am a follower of Jesus.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope I am able to encourage, teach, or humor you in some small way with the stories I tell and projects I share. If you are interested in further following along with our family please check out my Instagram or Facebook page. To contact, please email me at ourlittlehouseofdreams@yahoo.com.

You are so very welcome here in our little house of dreams.