Homegrown Roses & Great Grandpa’s Music | LittleLoves

Between vacation, home improvement projects, a house flip project, and an even bigger project (that you will just have to patiently wait to hear about) I’m afraid blogging has slipped to a non-priority. I look forward to a day when writing is not one of the fist things that must be set aside during a […]

The Joy in Taking Five

We were sitting on the floor of her bedroom, my little helper and I. She piled all of Judah’s clothes in another basket as I quickly folded the girl’s clothes and stuffed three separate drawers full of them. We were moving in something of a rhythm. With the drawers – *open, shut, open, shut.* And […]

Delighting in the Little Loves

While looking to other bloggers for inspiration and encouragement in my own online venture I stumbled across a blog by a woman from the UK who puts a weekly focus on delighting in the lovely little things in her life. Her idea is to highlight the small things she loved that week from what she’s read, watched, heard, […]

A New Character in Our Storybook

On the Eighth of March, with the clock’s hands just minutes away from midnight, the Author began a bright new chapter in our story. Three little pixies, asleep at the time, had become the big sisters of a darling baby boy with dark hair and long legs just like their daddy’s. We call our sweet little […]

2016: A Gallery of Broken Things

It was an imperfect photograph of a broken egg on a dusty kitchen floor. And I smiled.   That smile was far from reaching my face during the frustrating moment when an egg slipped through sleepy fingers and landed useless on the floor. I was rushing to fill the demanding tummies of three wiggling girls in their […]

Growing Again

  I know the signs well. That slight nauseousness just noticeable enough to be irritating, yet not debilitating. An intense craving for salt; only strange to me because of the way it manifests itself in an overwhelming desire for – of all things – Top Ramen. And of course a new layer of exhaustion, which […]

The House on Elizabeth Street

  We like to call her Elizabeth, that little darling of a house. And although she wasn’t ours to keep, she was ours to love into a home again. I’ll never forget the first time Mr. G led me through her dark doorway. Oh, how gloomy! I thought. It was really perhaps a little too disgusting to make […]